Acu Corner: Cool Off!

Acupuncture Corner: Cool Off! by Natalie Franciose, LAc July Wellness Tip: Naturally cool your body down with some watermelon! It clears summer heat AND tastes delicious. Eat the fruit, and for bonus cooling effects, cut up the rind and put it in your water for more electrolytes, extra hydration, and extra tasty water. To accompany your cooling… Read More »

Wellness Buzz: Real Food

Just Eat Real Food! by Stephanie Pollock Fox Paleo. Keto. Vegetarian. Vegan. Gluten Free. Low Carb. High Carb. Low Fat. High Fat. There is enough conflicting nutritional guidance out there to make anyone’s head spin! Some common themes to approaches in nourishment are: eat less processed foods, cook more, and consume foods that come from the… Read More »