Kindness Collective Podcast: 05 – Yoga And The Spirit

Patrick sits down with Kindness yoga teacher, Davida Wright-Galvin to discuss the power of Buddhism in Davida’s life, her passion for yoga as a tool for pain recovery and her experience as a biracial woman in the yoga world. Join us, as we travel along Davida’s journey in yoga all on the Kindness Collective podcast.… Read More »

Kindness Collective Podcast Episode 04: Kari Kwinn

On today’s episode of the Kindness Collective, Patrick speaks with Kindness teacher Kari Kwinn. Kari tells her story of learning to find her own direction, her discovery of yoga, and the importance of solitude in your practice. YIN YOGA IS LIKE ELEPHANT SEALS ON THE BEACH… WHERE YOU LAY ON ONE SIDE FOR A WHILE… Read More »

Kindness Collective Podcast Episode 02: Jeremy Wolf

In this episode of the Kindness Collective Podcast, Patrick Harrington sits down with Yoga Nidra teacher, Jeremy Wolf. “THE PURPOSE OF YOGA IS TO MAKE BETTER CHOICES” – ROD STRYKER Jeremy Wolf’s interest in mind and body began with martial arts. Later, meditation became his doorway into yoga. He received his initial yoga certification in… Read More »

Kindness Collective Podcast Episode 03: Morgan Rodriguez

In this episode, Patrick talks with Kindness Yoga teacher Morgan Rodriguez about the struggles of being a yoga instructor, the need for self-growth, and the people of color (POC) night she hosts through Kindness. “THERE WAS SOMETHING MAGICAL AND MYSTICAL ABOUT YOGA” Morgan Rodriguez, a born traveler and linguist, supplements the flavor of her teachings… Read More »

Kindness Collective Podcast Episode 01: Buffy Barfoot

On today’s episode, we talk with long-time Kindness Yoga teacher, Buffy Barfoot.  “YOGA ASKS US TO FEEL THE PAIN” Buffy Barfoot is a yoga teacher and writer who is committed to bringing out strength, courage, and trust in her students. She believes that yoga helps our bodies feel stronger and more spacious as it amplifies… Read More »