Get Ready for Fall!
By Shannon Stevens, LAc
September Wellness Tip: Autumn is upon us! As we stand in the throes of Late Summer, we are beginning to experience the cooler air of Autumn. From the elemental perspective of Oriental Medicine, Late Summer is of the Earth element, and Autumn is of Metal element. In the natural cycle of the seasons, Late Summer energy directly feeds and nourish Autumn energy. Our biggest takeaway in Late Summer is the bounty of fruits and vegetables that come to fruition at harvest time. For a stronger immune system in Fall, feed your body Earth energy by grabbing plenty of fresh foods that are in season!
September Acupuncture Point: Spleen 5 (Metal’s Note Hill). This is the Meta Point on the Spleen channel, and it uses Earth energy to strengthen Metal energy. Spleen 5 can aid in strengthening the digestive system and regulating intestines. Because it contributes to healthy metal energy, it can also aid Immune and Lung function during the upcoming cold and flu season. Another function of Metal energy is strong boundaries. Use this point when you’re feeling shaky with your personal boundaries.