Authenticity Workshop (4 Weeks)

It can be hard to figure out inside all the craziness that is happening all around us in the world today. Join us for this four session-mini-course that will support you in gaining access to the unique and authentic expression of, wait for it, YOU!

We have cracked the code on creating breakthrough perspectives and an outta- sight community vibe all on ZOOM. We make it fun and safe to be yourself, share with other seekers, and to discover ways that you can live more often from your authenticity.

Through contemplative questions, paired sharing, deep group conversations, and pattern transformation you will emerge ready to share your new self with the world.

Join Cameron and Patrick Harrington in this deep dive of self-realization. Cameron is an embodiment coach and will help you discover and embody the true you. Patrick is an insatiable student that has spent his life speaking and teaching what he most wants to learn.

Course Facilitators

Cameron & Patrick

Our life’s work is to help you move your dreams and visions into actions and results at an accelerated rate, with greater ease, clarity on your why, and the drive that comes from doing what you are supposed to be doing!

We have a collective 40 years in the self-development arena, including a wide range of methods and philosophies. Our yoga business grew to 170 employees and nine locations before its closure and we currently live in Costa Rica while managing international business. We are game-changers, energy movers, inspiration generators.

Workshop Outcomes

  1. A deep knowing that at your core, you are whole, innocent, and loved.
  2. Feeling embodied as your highest self!
  3. A refined ability to communicate from your heart.