Clarity Is Intimacy

By Cameron Harrington

“We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.” – Anais Nin

Clarity IS Intimacy.

One of the most precious things in life is my connection with the present moment. However, I know now more than ever, I have more things that call my attention, pulling me here and there, compelling me to live in the future or reflect on the past.

I am living the dance between DOINGness and BEINGness.

While my DOINGness is necessary for managing daily life. My BEINGness is more receptive, agenda-fluid, curious, and open.

“Doing” life is necessary and is the energy that makes things happen. This is often the energy that is celebrated and drives our modern production first, world.

BEINGness, in contrast, relates to how a person orients themselves within the greater flow of energies, relationships, and time. When practiced skillfully, our beingness unlocks intimacy within ourselves and others.

  • When was the last time you felt truly seen and heard?
  • What were the qualities of that interaction?
  • Were you able to be more present with yourself and your own heart?

If so, you likely had been in a conversation with someone who was more BEINGness than DOINGness, thus creating a space for you to BE MORE YOU.

This type of interaction often leaves people feeling connected, related, and less stressed! How cool is that!?

Our connection to BEINGness lies in our willingness to let go of our agenda, stop trying to fix, solve, or be “right” about something. BEINGness opens you up to true intimacy. Whether in conversation with a lover or pausing to take in your surroundings while waiting at the DMV, intimacy results from you BEING you!

The practiced awareness of knowing when to activate DOINGness and when to open up to BEINGness is ultimately a shift into presence. The cultivation of BEINGness creates a feeling of space. In this space, one can better respond to deep desires and experience intimate connections in relationships with self and others.

This Spring, I suggest that as the earth births anew, you awaken to your sacred state of BEINGness. Check out one of my daily practices that makes a real difference!

Practice for moving from Doingness to Beingness

Take a slow breath and feel the air move in and out of your lungs
Ground into your feet and your connection to the earth
Bring attention to the bones of the pelvis and the spine
Hear the rhythm of your heart
Sense the air that surrounds your body
Soften your gaze and receive the light through the back of your eyes
Breath and open to the world around you