Clarity Is Power

By Patrick Harrington

“Clarity is the moment we see without opening our eyes.” – Stephanie Banks


CLARITY is power.

I first heard this declaration many years ago, and it stood out for me.

I have been UNCLEAR for much of my life. There have been times when that was not the case, and those times were the kickers, the show stoppers, the moments when clarity came through and significant life decisions occurred.

My life was born from moments of clarity that led to decisions and actions that have shaped who I am. Most of them occurred randomly, with circumstances just right, and clarity was the result. At this point in my life, I can see that my momentum here forward will be a function of how well I design a life that cultivates clarity and takes action on the decisions that follow.

Looking back on these moments of clarity, there was a quality to my thinking that seemed to cut right through all the noise, the distraction, and the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on a better idea or option. It felt like relief and power combined to create actionable choices.

I often experience life like riding a bike on a slight incline. This constant low-level workout is punctuated by challenging uphills, brief periods of neutral ground, and some downhill sections. It takes work to navigate and overcome daily challenges.

Can you feel that?

It’s not that it’s bad necessarily, because I am used to the workout of the slight incline of life that is happening almost all the time. (Except for those two weeks of vacation, of course! LOL.)

When I look back at times when I felt CLARITY, it felt like I was riding my bike downhill, with a refreshing wind in my face, relieving tired muscles and a core exhilaration of energy. CLARITY brings momentum to what you care about most!

Since taking on the theme of CLARITY this month, I have found that if I want to feel the positive, transformational effects that CLARITY brings, I must prioritize having a state of mind that welcomes CLARITY.

The practices that were immediately impactful for me:

  • Meditating or simply sitting quietly, without distraction, for 20+ min a day
  • Yoga or other mindful physical practice 3-4 days a week, for 20 min or more
  • Walking every day for 20+ min
  • Turning off electronics at least an hour before bed to maintain the natural sleep cycle and melatonin production
  • Going to sleep at the same time and waking up at the same time every day

I know that sounds simple. The most critical things in this life are simple. I gain CLARITY when I prioritize it. I feel em-POWERED because I prioritize myself by choosing practices that sweep away mental murkiness.

CLARITY has become a driving force in my personal and professional decisions. I am clear that my work is to motivate and empower leaders.

We live in a time with the greatest opportunity to come together and motivate humanity towards sustainable and inspired transformation, both individual and communal!

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn

Given this incredible time of opportunity, the question is, will you prioritize CLARITY-inducing practices? Will you care enough about yourself and your loved ones to make these changes?

Time will tell!

Let me know. By responding to this post, and sharing your thoughts and declarations with the community, you make yourself accountable for what you want to see happen, and you will also likely inspire others!

How can I help you, or the organizations you work with, to bring greater FOCUS, CLARITY, and URGENCY to your mission.


With love in my heart,