Create SENSUALITY as a vibration

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life”
- Ludwig Van Bethoveen
By Patrick Harrington

Can you create SENSUALITY as a vibration in your body?

How to do it though?

Well, since there was no instruction manual on how, so I just started trying to figure it out!

Cameron and I have been working with this word and vibration SENSUALITY for this whole month. What I mean by WORD and VIBRATION, is that every word is a sound. Whether you are thinking the word in your head and speaking it just as a thought or if you are speaking out loud and sharing it with your voice. The way that humans understand each other is through interpreting these VIBRATIONS we call WORDS.

Sounds are vibrations. Every molecule of everything vibrates. From the dense molecules of a metal that moves vibrations quickly and transmits sound as the result; like a tuning fork. To the water molecules of a flowing river which are more spacious and transmit sound as a wave.

I like to imagine that the world is made up of vibrating molecules that have grouped together with the mission to represent objects, thoughts, feelings, and really everything that we experience, including our own bodies.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells that are made up of trillions more molecules that are all vibrating together! Scientists have recently discovered a mind-blowing fact, in the case of human beings, of all your trillions of cells and molecules and all the DNA that they represent only around 5% is actually human DNA. (Insert explosion sound here;)

That means that each of us represents a ginormous, diverse community of individual cells, made up of vibrating atoms and molecules who have all decided to harmonize at the frequency of you!

As I reflected on this idea I began to wonder what it would be like to take a more active role as the conductor of this incredible orchestra of tiny entities.

Could I entrain them in the harmony of SENSUALITY?

Even as I started to entertain the notion, I could feel possibility start to well up inside me, as if everyone was starting to get on board with the experiment.

It has been so wonderful to step into the role of conductor and steward of my body community. I have felt an amazing amount of communication and collaboration usher forward from inside myself at just the suggestion of more consciously including “them” in who I am.

I know. This may sound outside your usual practice routine or context. AND. It is delicious to begin the practice of harmonizing with words/vibrations that you are drawn to.

Below is a short practice where I use SENSUALITY as my divining rod for a more purposefully unified community of me. You can use any words/vibes you want, however, so experiment and let us know how it feels to you.

Sensuality as a Divining Rod

Find a quiet place to sit or lie down.
Set a time for 5 – 20 min.
Get comfortable and close your eyes.
Knowing that you are a vibrating entity, notice your current state of vibration.
What words would you use to describe it?
It is from this baseline that you will begin to draw your community of cells into purposeful harmony with SENSUALITY.

Taking slow breaths, imagine the feeling of a soft touch on your inner arm.
Feel how the touch contains a sweet, subtle vibration of skin on skin.
Focus your attention on this feeling and with your breath begin to draw it into your center.
You can cultivate this feeling, use your imagination, and have it move from your center outwards.
Feel more and more of your body community coming online and joining in the frequency of this subtle touch.

Once you get the hang of populating this vibration feeling around your body, begin to disassociate it from the feeling of being touched.
Begin to simply generate the GENERAL FEELING OF SENSUALITY as a way of being and feeling.

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