Happy 2022 to the Wonder that is YOU!

By Frano Marini

Ahhh! The Lure of a New Year is upon us.

Finally, we get to move on.

For many of us, 2021 was a challenging, difficult, sad, and frustrating 12 months.And yes, there have been possibilities and times of joy and learning, and overall, a year most of us are ready to leave behind.

Now is an opportunity to make an internal shift! Isn’t it interesting that there is an agreement in our society that as the NEW YEAR is birthed on January 1, we can claim a new start, when we have had the ability to create a new paradigm regardless of the date.

So, let’s stay with conventional thinking for a bit and allow ourselves to be re-birthed as the clock strikes twelve on December 31.

Are you prepared to voice your New Year’s resolutions? Are you excited about the possibilities that lie ahead? Are you confident as you espouse your new YOU?

You probably know from either personal experience or research data that New Year’s
resolutions don’t have a very good track record. It’s been thirty years since John Norcross and Dominic Vangarelli conducted a study of what happens to all that New Year’s resolution-making and discovered—guess what! —that most of us are failures at it. At one week’s time, 77% of those questioned were still hanging in but only 55% were left standing at the end of a month. Two years later, only 19% had actually succeeded.

So many of our resolutions come from extrinsic values and the thought “I should …”. These are not very empowering spaces.

OK, so now what? How about being courageous?

How about creating a shift from the usual…from “this is what I will accomplish,” to “This is who I am”.

A shift from the doingness of life to the beingness of life. So many more possibilities live in the Beingness. In the doingness realm, you either accomplish it or you don’t.

In the Beingness realm, you set endless opportunities. What might be some examples?

Here are my 5 “Resolutions” for 2022:

  1. Every day, I am dancing with the Stars above.
  2. I am the love that is all around me.
  3. The light of possibility is within me and all around me.
  4. Being extraordinary is commonplace for me.
  5. Playfulness, sincerity, and acceptance are who I am.

How do you wish to play? What are you up to in 2022?

Loving you for exactly who you are!!