How To Find Clarity In Your Life

By Cameron Harrington

I awoke from my sweet slumber with a jolt of pure clarity around 2:00 am. It was a vision with an action plan attached. This does not happen often, but when it does, it feels like taking a deep breath of the ocean air at sunrise.

I would love to say that these moments of clarity always bring action. But, in all honesty, I tend to pause, procrastinate and ask, “does this make sense?” That voice is my ego speaking in questions, doubts, and protection.

Yet, the truth is I have made my most powerful decisions because I had a feeling, a strong pull, and commitment on the spot (not from weighing all the options).

Through listening and leaping, I have opened myself to the most delicious and transformational experiences of my life: yoga teacher training, moving to a foreign country, and saying yes to LOVE. With each of these opportunities, I did not pause to think about how I would get there or what it would do for me, or even the amount of effort it would take. Rather, I said “Heck Yes” and trusted the journey.

This is the practice of clarity and it is about being aware and grounded in my body. By extracting the subtle sensations and the nuance of the moment, I discern my unique truth, decipher the voice of my higher self and make peace with my ego.

Grounded awareness is the source of our clarity. Deep down, you and I know the answers. We need only to seek our highest counsel. The body never lies.

Discerning and deciphering our sensations and taking action with them as our guides is essentially the practice of co-creating with our deepest moment-to-moment truth.


A Practice for Clarity and Discernment.
Sit in a quiet space with the spine erect and comfortable.
Follow your breath as it breathes your body.
Bring in a concern that is alive for you.
Notice the sensations that arise.
Ask in your mind for Clarity.
“Bring me Clarity.”


A note about Kindness Collective…
Since the beginning of the pandemic, Patrick and I struggled with how to move forward with the Kindness Collective and our precious community. We fought to keep Kindness alive, moving to online classes and visioning a completely online platform. Our passion for the mission and a deep sense of responsibility fueled the work. And to be honest, we would have kept going and working ourselves deeper into debt.

After months of working from our usual problem-solving brains, we used the discernment practice that I outlined above. It became immediately obvious that saying goodbye to our life’s work created space and lightness that we had not felt in years. And from this point of clarity, the next journey begins.