Receivership and the Divine Gift

By Cameron Harrington

“Creativity is the way I share my Soul with the world” – Brene Brown

I spent the decade after college as an elementary art teacher where I helped children unleash and trust their creativity. The kids created big colorful raw and expressive paintings. They embodied a freedom of expression that “Professional Artists” spend an entire lifetime practicing.

And, of course, some students would become paralyzed with fear to put even the first mark on a blank page. Eventually, I took the erasers out of the classroom and encouraged the children to “take mistakes and make them great”. I was reminding them that mistakes are an essential part of our masterpieces. Take Picasso, his faces were never symmetrical, but he was expressing something special with that asymmetry.

I saw thousands of children during those years. I came to recognize that each of us is innately creative. Creativity is not something that belongs to us. It is a universal force constantly flowing, a river that never dries up.

We are all connected to this ever-flowing abundant river called creativity. It is up to us to choose to drink.



Truly being able to RECEIVE CREATIVITY is the practice of unlearning what is in the way of you claiming your innate CREATIVITY.

Most of us, in some way, have been conditioned by family, friends, media, etc., to thwart beautiful gifts that lie just outside of our worthiness. For example,

  1. Have you ever desired something so much that when the universe finally delivered it, you did not accept it?
  2. Have you ever brushed off a compliment or said NO to a gift because you thought it was too big?
  3. Have you ever felt that you don’t deserve, are not good enough, or are not worthy of being seen as creative?

Social conditioning runs deep within each of us. So deep that one could live a whole life and never realize that their ways of living are simply inherited patterns.

An object in motion stays in motion at the same speed, velocity, and in the same direction unless it is acted on by an outside force. – Issac Newton’s law of inertia

Creativity is energy in motion. You have a choice to open up and receive it. To allow it to fill and inspire you.

You are a creative being.

Let me say that again.


Creativity is a gift from the spirit that animates all life. It is an evolutionary energy that creates breakthroughs and moves innovation in all areas of life.

This practice I have outlined below is a way for you to strengthen the creative process inside of you. Spend a few minutes each day for the next seven days practicing this way of harnessing your creativity. Respond via email and let us know how you like it!

Practice for Receivership and Creativity

  1. Go into nature, or look out your window.
  2. Take a couple of breaths to settle your body, and quiet your mind.
  3. Gaze softly in front of you. Let your eyes rest on something that pulls to you.
  4. Generate and cultivate Gratitude for this object
  5. (Bonus hint: Remember the film American beauty? When the main character filmed a plastic bag dancing in the wind? He made trash extraordinary!)
  6. Let the object’s color fill your vision. Pay attention to its texture. Notice the unique details and how the light reflects on the object.
  7. Receive this new way of seeing as a gift. Breath with and enjoy your creative focus.