R.I.P. Kindness Yoga or Your Life is Happening For You!

"Nothing ever really goes away--it just changes into something else. Something beautiful."
- Sarah Ockler, Twenty Boy Summer
By Patrick Harrington

Wow! More than 180 students came to our in-person vinyasa class in Denver to move, sweat, cry, and laugh as we journeyed through the life cycle of the Kindness Collective.

We recounted the birth of Kindness, an idea with a simple and beautiful intention. We wanted the spiritual and physical practice of yoga and community to be accessible to everyone. An idea whose time had come was born, and our community gave it life! We grew and developed through the love and transformation of our teachers, students, and the practice.

Watching the life of Kindness blossom was like watching a child maturing into adulthood. There were fits and starts, falling forward and sometimes backward. Throughout this process, we learned about life and business, relationships and communication, family and community. It feels like just yesterday, I was holding newborn Abriella in my arms while teaching my Sunday morning yoga class. She grew up strong and bright right alongside Kindness.

The death of Kindness Yoga was more challenging to accept than the end of anything else I have experienced. Letting go of history, conceding the end of our business—the place where we lived and worked—and this incredible community of people has been an indelible experience and a time of extraordinary personal growth. A baby chick leaves behind the shell which has nurtured and protected it so that it may continue growing and reach its full potential. Similarly, Cameron and I must leave behind the Kindness Collective so that we may continue being in service to others and become who we are meant to be.

We have given birth to something new! Over the past couple of years, Cameron and I have faced our demons, turned over every rock and stone, and ultimately returned to a life of service. We love people, and we want them to thrive!

We are so excited to formally introduce you to the Harrington Method.

Whether you are a parent, retiree, a hard-working professional, a student, an athlete, or someone living with a disability, for all of us, life is full-on right now. Everyone is juggling what seems to be a million different responsibilities: family, career, and finances, to name a few. And all while simultaneously looking after your OWN mental, physical, and emotional health and wellbeing.

Life is a lot to deal with, we know! And that is why so many of us get burned out and stressed out. This slowly erodes our mind and body and can have a catastrophic impact on the areas of our lives that we care most about. This is precisely why we created the Harrington Method.

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Cameron and Patrick help clients create powerful breakthroughs and embody their authentic selves with their combined 40 years of experience in business, wellness, and personal development.

Sign up for a free 30 min. discovery call with one of us, and let’s explore how we can co-create a breakthrough in your life!

We know what it feels like to try to “keep everything together” and SHOW UP as your best self for kids, family, clients, and our community.

We help individuals, couples, and families recognize and move past limiting beliefs and patterns and identify areas for personal growth.

Cameron works with the embodied feminine energy to create relief and breakthroughs in areas of life that are disempowered or lack clarity for women. She is a master at calling forth your most fabulous self by diving into the wisdom and power held within your feminine heart.

I work with the evolved masculine energy in serving men and women to courageously move forward with purpose in life. He supports clients with clarity, strategy, and an executable plan that embraces personal and communal accountability while honoring their deepest spiritual truths.

Together we coach couples on living in integrity with their highest hopes and deepest desires within relationship. Modern society is always trying to sell us a bigger and better deal or version of ourselves. Doing couples coaching will support you in re-creating your relationship with a basis of co-created clarity, communication strategies that work, and an acknowledgment of the parallel and unique individual and interdependent dreams.

In our coaching sessions, weekly classes, and retreats, we use mindfulness practices, body wisdom, yoga, breathwork, and personal experiences of enduring many of life’s most stressful hardships to inspire you and move your life forward.

Remember, your life is happening for you, not against you. Together, Cameron and I have helped thousands of students and hundreds of teachers find relief and create inspiration and purpose in their lives.

We are with you.