Sensorial Awakening

"Your sensuality is a gift, when fully owned and embodied it is here to nourish your soul and uplift others."
- unknown
By Cameron Harrington

Over the years as an Embodiment Coach, I have seen how we ignore part of ourselves so completely that we become numb. The verb “numb” is defined as “deprived of feeling or responsiveness”. How often have I felt stressed, confused, or overwhelmed and found myself munching on chips just to hear the sound of the crunch over my pain, lol?

Everyone has their thing. Some have a drink, others watch a LOT of shows, and some take something healthy, like exercise, and obsess over it to drown out what is not working in their lives. While none of these ways of being are intrinsically evil, they all represent very subtle survival patterns. These patterns, over time, can be used to cover, maintain, and eventually degrade what is going on inside.

I think of it like this: we are spiritual beings and live inside sensory bodysuits. These suits give us access to our life–our physical and emotional feelings. We live in a technologically advanced and focused time that moves faster than humans have ever lived. As a result, we receive increasing amounts of sensory stimulation, from our phones to our cars to the sounds surrounding us as we walk down the street.

Our nervous system has to process this overstimulation at a rate that is pushing our evolutionary limits. So naturally, at times, the nervous system goes haywire. And, just as naturally, we learn to protect ourselves by relying on coping techniques and soothing mechanisms to survive.

You may recognize some of these common ways we protect ourselves:

  • Drinking or smoking
  • Constantly checking your device
  • Consuming shows, news, and other programming
  • Social media scrolling
  • Being “over busy”
  • Filling silence with conversation
  • Overeating or mindless eating
  • Responding with “I don’t know” before you have really checked in with yourself

Thank goodness we know how to self-soothe! However, when self-soothing becomes habitual, it also becomes a problem. Without self-awareness, we can become numb to the feelings and sensations below the surface, lose part of ourselves, and feel disconnected and uncertain. Underneath this numbness is a world of authenticity, power, and vulnerability.

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I hope so. Our world needs you and your authentic voice.

Use this embodiment practice to uncover more of yourself through your sensuality.

Sensuality Practice for Wholeness

Take note of ways that you numb yourself. (You can start with the list above for ideas.)

When these patterns show up, invite yourself to pause.

Put your hands on your heart or belly and bring your awareness internally.

Get curious about what sensations are alive inside yourself during these moments.

Are you short of breath, jittery, unfocused, hot, or angry?

Do not push these feelings away. Instead, pause and breath with them. Welcome them as a teacher or signal and listen to them.

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