This Sensuality is Mine for Me

Photo by Rebecca Orlov | Epic Playdate

By Cameron Harrington

“Your sensuality is a gift, when fully owned and embodied it is here to nourish your soul and uplift others.”

– anonymous

Breathing in verdant earth, I let the sun caress my left jawline. The choir of birds serenades me home to me. Embodiment feels like this, a coming home, and it starts by tapping into the sensory world. Through my senses, I am aware of my body.

The theme this month at the Kindness Collective is SENSUALITY. The root of this word is Senses. So when I speak of sensuality, I am speaking of awareness through the five senses (or six when you include intuition).

SENSUALITY is not the same as SEXUALITY. Sensuality is what gives life enjoyment. Sensuality brings you into the present moment, dropping you from the mind into your body and connection with the space around you. It is a momentary break in the day filled with oxytocin (the love hormone).

Sensuality is mine and for me.

Throughout history, women’s bodies have been objectified. Because of this, our extrinsic sensuality has been morphed into sexuality personified in media and porn. I adore men and am compassionate for the masculine awakening of our time. But, with great empathy, I wonder if masculinity has simply craved to understand this incredible feminine creative force called sensuality? And if in the craving to understand, they have pulled women apart from this essence, our innate feminine wisdom of senatorial power. But, again, I am compassionate, and today, I make a stand for wholeness and sovereignty.

I stand to reclaim our collective sensuality for ourselves as women!

Sensuality is powerful. It is the essence that turns me on, inspires, and wakes me up to the incredible gift of this life. My body is an instrument to truly experience this life. When I harness this gift of tapping into my unique sensory world, I gain access to awakening life force and energy from inside me.

When you slow down, you have access to the subtle expressions of life all around you. Have you ever noticed that you can more easily access clarity when you slow down?

This is why I am an Embodiment Coach. If you would like to know more about Somatic Soul Coaching please schedule a free discovery call with me.

Human awakening can happen through shifting our relationship to the sensual. First, distinguish between SENSUALITY and SEXUALITY. Second, welcome presence, bliss, and sensuality into our daily lives, listen deeper, taste more richness, and experience life from moment to moment. Third, honor all embodied female essences as conduits for creative energy and power.

Wake up to your connection to the senses and your sensuality. Create your world rich in love! Redesign a world where we prioritize connection over war. A world where the feminine is acknowledged as the divine holder of the shakti energy.

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Sensuality Practice: 3 Minute Eating Meditation

Take a piece of chocolate or fresh fruit.
Hold it in your hand and notice the color, the texture.
Notice what is happening in your mouth as you gaze at it.
Your mouth may start to salivate, or your tongue may swell slightly.

Then, bring it to your nose, close your eyes, and inhale.
Notice how the aroma shows up first on the tip of your nose and then subtly, differently, in the back of your sinuses.

Bring the treat to your lips. Feel the texture.
Open your mouth and let it touch your tongue.
How does it taste in the front of your tongue, the middle, and the back?

Don’t chew! Let it melt slowly.

Watch with curiosity and presence how the flavor and space take-up in your mouth changes.
Stay Present.

After a few moments, swallow, and stay aware of how it feels passing through your throat.

Finish each delectable bite with a complete breath and a recognition of gratitude.