Use Your Energy And Intentions To Elevate Your Life

By Kourtney De La Luz

The term energy in the spiritual sense refers to the universal life force that flows in all of us. Qi, Reiki, Prana, Ether, all refer to this principle. It is what connects us as an earth culture. As humans, our consciousness gives us the ability to manipulate energy around and through intention. An intention is the result of an emotion, thought, or wish. When we feel, think, or express ourselves, we emit a specific intention that marks the energy around us.

Intention collaborates with life circumstances to produce what we need. Our lives are but a reflection of our intentions; we are also affected by the intentions of others to varying degrees. From this perspective, it is not totally accurate to talk about good or bad energy. On the contrary, we talk about good or bad intentions. The energy itself is not bad or good; it just exists. From here, we could move into a discussion about the small energetic field that surrounds every being, which is the aura. Or the seven energy centers in the body called chakras.

It is most useful to be clear on our intentions and form a set of practices to maintain our spiritual hygiene, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Speaking life into our bodies on a cellular level; recognizing that each cell has its own mind, body, and spirit
  • Keeping emotions in a place of calm, love, joy, and gratitude
  • Committing to a thought life that is supportive
  • Love
  • Prayer and devotion
  • Studying reinforcing material

We want to clean up negative emotions quickly to avoid building a shrine around them. A daily practice of purge writing can facilitate the elimination of negative emotions. When left unchecked, poor emotional states can lead to unhealthy choices in food, thought, relationships, behaviors, and so on. Dedicate fifteen minutes per day to this, get the things that do not serve you out on paper, and then safely burn it.

Thoughts create feelings and thoughts are a choice. Choose thoughts that nourish you!

Exposure to information, people, and situations that run counter to thought processes that you want to develop must be strictly controlled. Simply stated, put garbage in and you will get garbage as the result.

Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.


Kourtney De La Luz is a visionary, keynote speaker, personal and business development coach, philanthropist, yoga teacher, and advocate of us ALL being well and winning. Much of her work in the yoga space has been around soul-full leadership for the yoga and wellness industry, yoga philosophy and modern-day applications, and the development of pro-humanity and DEI initiatives.

Having been a student of Eastern philosophy, metaphysics, ancient healing traditions, and spirituality for decades, Kourtney is the Principal of Elevate Your Life Coaching and Consultancy Group, and she is most passionate about raising human consciousness.