Your Sensual Lover is in the House!

"I love feeling the crispness of fall and the sensuality of spring."
- Christopher Meloni
By Patrick Harrington

Hi! I am the sensual lover who lives inside you. I have been waiting to reveal myself and share more of YOU with your world!

Did that get your attention? It certainly was thrilling to write it!

Just the idea of having a sensual lover inside of each of us is a tantalizing thought. Imagine it, beginning tomorrow, you open yourself up to bringing forth your loving energy from an inspired, sensual place.

The invitation begins with permission to be curious about how that might look and feel at THIS VERY MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE. It can start right now.

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Everyone knows it by now; our mindset determines our life experiences. So begin each day ready and willing to bring your sensual self to loving the loved ones in your life. Then, with regularity and through practicing this mindset, you will develop new patterns of living that will lead to more profound experiences of connection and relatedness!

That doesn’t seem too hard, right!?

What does it mean to ”Bring my sensual self to love my loved ones?” Sensuality is the exploration of the senses. Bring awareness, attention, and focus to all five of our primary senses in a loving way. To do this effectively, one must SLOW DOWN!

Why did I just yell that?

Because, for the most part, the pace of life does not encourage us to take our time within our loving. To truly and deeply be students of the senses, to bring the whole of ourselves to the practice of loving sensually.

For most of us, being a lover of our loved ones, especially over time, can become patterned and like checking a box. We operate in the same ways, sharing ourselves within well-known boundaries and expressions, and everyone stays safe and, if honest, generally left wanting more!

It is, however, a totally survivable pattern, which is not the best thing unless surviving is your goal! Lol. 

HOWEVER, what I am talking about right now, is a shift, a stretch, a heart-focused workout if you will. I suggest that you do not want to merely survive your love relationships. I believe that you want to experience the best that loving has to offer you.

Therefore, a step available to you every day is to spend 3-5 minutes in a love-centered meditation. Use your imagination and envision your beloveds being cared for on all levels, physically, mentally, and emotionally. By taking this time to slow down and feel into your senses and imagination, you will begin a deep inquiry into bringing your whole self to being in love with the people you love.

I know, it sounds too good to be true. But, all you have to do is love from the inside out. Generate the feeling of love through your senses. What smells, sights, types of touch, tastes, and subjects make your loved ones feel seen, heard, and cared for? 


Yes. That is just how it is. 

But you only get this kind of whole life-loving upgrade by saying “Yes” to the invitation. It will take your courage and heart, AND it is worth it!

Let’s try it out. 

As you read, think of someone that you love. Get into the vibe of how you care for them, how essential they are for you, and how you want that person to feel seen, heard, and touched. 

Once you have generated some good loving feelings about this person, I want you to be playful; ask yourself, “What is one new sense that I could use to express my love for this person today?”

THEN, just wait to hear what comes up in you. 

Just listen. 

As best you can, utilize the sense you came up with!

Don’t question it or yourself. Simply be in action or sentiment around the new way to love your loved one. 

It is so simple, except for the part when you go against your current patterns. AND THAT, my friends, is the key to transformation in general. So as you create deeper and more satisfying ways of loving your loved ones, you are strengthening the muscles that support you to transform other areas of your life! 

BOOYAH! Two extraordinary outcomes for one creatively loving act each day.

Stay loving, my friends. See you soon!


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