Patrick Harrington’s Sunday 10 am class has been a cornerstone of connection, community, and dharma-centered yoga practice for the last 22 years. These classes are fun, challenging, all-level Vinyasa classes that will leave you with an elevated perspective on life!

What people are saying…

  • From working with Cameron, I feel complete clarity of direction and a deeper listening to my body’s wisdom. Before this, I would feel cut off from my body’s sensations and not fully with myself. Through our sessions I have not only learned to feel what’s present through sensation, but also interpret them into a message. I also felt like a “lost ship in the night” and Cameron has helped me remember and refine my vision and things are coming into place and becoming my reality!

    -Kaylee Jane Kiem | Transformational Coach

  • If you are looking for a way to figure out how to grow, to collect a set of tools and be able to unlock your vulnerability in a group and community setting, this is an incredible experience for you. I have personally transformed massively during this experience with Patrick and Cameron. I feel lighter. I feel like I have the ability to be happy in myself and for myself.

    -Chris | CEO

  • Patrick and cameron create space and arc physical, emotional, and intellectual arc throughout the week. I believe that this really helped to open up and create new potentials and have you feel really great in your body and your soul.

    -Inga Peterson | Fine Artist

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