Coaching for the Embodied Feminine and the Evolved Masculine



A soulful yet strategic integration of the embodied feminine and the evolved masculine. We help men and women unlock new levels of clarity and wisdom so they can confidently enter and profoundly navigate their second act.

We are committed to the expansive evolution of our clients. We believe when people are empowered, they make better decisions for themselves, their loved ones and the world. We embark on this journey using a unique formula grounded in hours of theory and refined through experience.

Our holistic approach to transformation ebbs with the masculine strategy and flows with the feminine movement, leaving you with both a roadmap, and a future that feels like an honest expression of who you are. You are the gift and we are the guides.



For those desiring a new level of transformation. The magic happens in the practice, and being fully held by the beauty and strength of Costa Rica.


Donation Based Yoga Classes

Patrick Harrington’s Sunday 10 am class has been a cornerstone of connection, community, and dharma-centered yoga practice for the last 22 years. These classes are fun, challenging, all-level Vinyasa classes that will leave you with an elevated perspective on life!

What People Are Saying

I feel such special, uplifting energy from this community. No matter how I arrive, I always leave FEELING better. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to Patrick and Cameron for letting us share this journey with you and for providing us with tools and space to practice. Our group is a miracle and so is everyone in it! 

-Lynne Goldberg, Special Envoy to the UN.

Cameron, thank you for your fierceness coupled with humorous accountability when I needed to be confronted in loving ways about my core beliefs! I appreciated your insight, and the embodied meditations we did at the beginning of each session. I feel that I am tuning in more and more with my bodily and soul needs because of my work with you! Thanks for being a valuable mirror. –

Marielle Grenade-Willis 

Cameron and Patrick each shared their whole selves and particular areas of expertise to help guide and coach me through a major later-in life transition. Cameron with her gentle, open-hearted goddess energy guided me in embodiment meditations that helped me tap into mytruest creative and joyful self. She brought out the goddess in me. Patrick brought his earnest, warm style to the coaching process through exercises and lessons which helped me define my goals and priorities in life and relationships, and to channel my energy toward self-care and growth. As coaching and life partners Patrick and Cameron model the skills and challenges of authentic communication, and bring the energy of ying and yang together, a beautifully balanced pair of healers.

-Laura Hewitt