Thanks for getting curious about Kindness! Here’s a FAQ of a few of the most common questions we hear from our new members. If there’s anything we haven’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to ask. Hope to see you in the studios soon!

Kindness Yoga Members are students dedicated to the mission of Kindness and the practice of yoga. They have invested in their wellness and made our studios a regular and important part of their lives. Their commitment helps them achieve great things – on their mats and out in the world!

Logistically, being a Member is one way to pay for classes at Kindness Yoga. When you purchase a Membership, we automatically charge your credit card a fixed rate every month (alternatively, you can purchase a year of Membership in a single up-front payment).

In exchange, you receive unlimited access to Kindness Yoga classes across all locations and other fun perks, including discounts on retail items, workshops and events, and more.

The central benefit of Membership is access to unlimited classes at all Kindness Yoga studios. The more you come to class, the cheaper each class becomes! Members also receive:

  • 20% off most workshops and events
  • Free admission to select special events (like our popular Soundscape series)
  • 20% off acupuncture treatments at our clinics
  • 10% off most merchandise
These benefits are subject to change over time. We are always looking for new ways to thank our Members for their ongoing support!

Nope! You can start your Membership anytime, and you can end it anytime. However, please keep in mind that we do not prorate Membership. So should you decide to discontinue your Membership, it will end right before the start of your next billing period. All cancellation requests must be submitted via email to

Current Membership rates can be found here.
We offer discounted Membership rates to students and teachers (at accredited educational institutions), elders (ages 65+), firefighters, police officers, and veterans. To receive a discounted Membership, please sign up in person at one of our locations or email Don’t forget to bring your valid ID!
If you need to change your credit card information for any reason, you can do so by signing into your MindBody Online account  and updating the Information section.
Just email us at Please note: we do not prorate Membership. So should you decide to discontinue your Membership, it will end right before the start of your next billing period. We do not accept verbal or voicemail cancellations; you must send us an email. This gives us – and you – a reliable way to track your request and ensure that your cancellation is processed properly.
We do not accept verbal or voicemail cancellations in the studios.
Yes! We offer a “Membership Suspension” as an amenity for our members. Suspensions allow you to put your Membership on hold up to 3 times per calendar year for up to 1 month at a time. This may be a good option for short-term, temporary changes to your routine (examples include travel and recovery from a minor illness/injury/procedure). A Membership Suspension must start at the end of your billing cycle, but can end on any date, provided that date is within a month of the suspension’s start. So if you are usually billed for your Membership on the 28th, a one-month Membership Pause would begin on the 28th and end on or before the 27th of the following month. Need more time? You can set up multiple suspensions in a row, but each counts against your total for the calendar year. For more information or to request a Membership Pause, please email us at