As yogis, we often send love and light into the world, and at Kindness, we believe that the potential to make an impact in our community extends far beyond the mat. In a world that’s hungry for more connection, we believe our greatest power lies in our ability to bind together and put our yoga into action as a collective!

That’s why we’re calling this year’s challenge the Kindness in Action Yoga Challenge. This challenge – designed to inspire you to practice yoga on and off your mat – is two-fold: yoga, plus action.

The Yoga: Set a goal of how many classes you want to take from 1/5 through 2/1. Workshops and acupuncture count, too! Starting your year with a consistent practice is an incredible way to show yourself kindness, so be courageous with your goal. Track your progress by using a Challenge Card that you can snag at any studio. Every time you take a class, workshop, or acupuncture, have a Kindness staff member initial one bubble on your card.

The Action: Put your kindness into action by participating in a studio-wide donation drive for The Gathering Place. The Gathering Place is Denver’s only daytime drop-in center for women, children, and transgender individuals experiencing poverty, many of whom are also experiencing homelessness. Set a goal for the number of goods you want to donate towards the drive, then bring those items when you come in for class. Once you’ve donated goods for The Gathering Place, color in the heart on your Challenge Card, honor system style <3

If you meet both of your goals and turn your card in, you could win one of two grand prizes: a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, or one year of free yoga at Kindness!

We envision a world inspired and uplifted through the practice of Kindness – courageous, wholehearted kindness. Will you start your year with strength, compassion, and service? Will you join us as we put Kindness in Action?

When is the challenge?

The challenge runs from Saturday 1/5 through Friday 2/1.

How do I participate?

  1. Pick up a Kindness in Action Challenge Card and a Wish List for The Gathering Place at any studio
  2. Fill out your Kindness in Action Challenge Card by writing your first and last name clearly, stating your yoga goal, and writing your action goal
  3. Do the yoga! Bring your card to class and have a Kindness staff member initial your card for each class you take. Remember, workshops and acupuncture count, too
  4. Take action! Bring in the item(s) you are donating to The Gathering Place to any studio. Once you complete your action goal, fill in the heart on your card, honor system style <3
  5. When you complete the Challenge, turn in your Challenge Card for a chance to win a 200-hour Teacher Training or one free year of Yoga at Kindness
Want to learn more about The Gathering Place?
Watch this VIDEO to get a glimpse of the incredible work TGP Denver is doing for the individuals they serve. Warning: this video will leave you feeling inspired!