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The Kindness Collective podcast is back with one of our favorite guests. Reggie Hubbard was featured on episode 6 where he spoke about his journey to yoga and how it has supported his activism on Capitol Hill. Today we dive a little deeper in the activism of Black Lives Matte where he shares his perspective on white fragility, leaning into the things that are hard and using our own practice to serve us in using
Understanding the elements and doshas of ayurveda
As a nature-based medicine, in order to understand and practice Ayurveda, we must first understand the components found in nature. These are the pancha maha bhutas: the five great elements. These five elements compose the basis of our physical and energetic reality.  Each element is made up of various gunas, or qualities, that describe its inherent properties and ways of being. These gunas influence the way we experience and interact with the elements themselves. When
A self care practice available to you anywhere any time.
Self-care has been an increasingly popular topic of conversation in our modern world and the prevalence of discussion around it has only grown since we’ve begun facing new, global challenges.  To some, self-care may refer to tending to one’s body through diet and exercise or slowing down to create space for meditation or a mental reset, and to others, it may seem like a luxury that is only enjoyed in rare moments of “free time.”  In truth,
Understanding Ayurveda and how it works with your practice.
In yoga, we often talk about taking our practice “off the mat”. One of the most effective ways to do this is through understanding Ayurveda, what I like to call the lifestyle of yoga. While both are healing modalities, yoga is concerned with self-actualization, and Ayurveda is concerned with supporting and stabilizing you on your path to get there.  Ayurveda is considered the first known medical system in the world, its origins dating back over 5,000
More than a decade ago, my big brother, Benjamin, died from a drug overdose after struggling for years to survive the stranglehold of addiction. My mom and I found a small, spiral notebook next to Benjamin’s bed with the handwritten title Things That Will Help. Inspired by this, I have been writing my own list all these years. I decided recently to begin publishing them. This practice has always been a homage to him—something that