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When you woke up this morning, how many times did you hit the snooze button? Be honest with us. If you’re anything like our team it could have been 4, 5, maybe even 10 times. Of course, after hitting the snooze button so many times it meant that you were late to your day and therefore rushing around like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. The secret to escaping
We’re less than a week away from celebrating the mother’s in our lives and want to know how will you show the mothers in your life Kindness? Show Them You Care It’s as simple as giving them a call or sending a card. Letting them know that they’re on top of your mind is what matters most. A favorite idea of ours is to send a card with your favorite memory of them written inside.
Kindness Podcast 21: Awaken with Eric Vienneau
This week on the Kindness Collective podcast we have the one and only Erik Vienneau in the house! Erik started the Friday Night Yoga Club in Denver where he became fast friends with Patrick Harrington. Today they walk through the events and practices that Erik has been a part of in helping others develop their own personal practice. If you want to learn more about meditation, coming home to yourself and the power of retreats
Podcast Episode 20: Adhikara and Studentship
Join Kindness Founder and CEO Patrick Harrington as he dives deep with teacher Amy Ippoliti on the idea of studentship or Adhikara. They talk through the evolution of yoga over the years and the power for the change it has in every life, including yours. Learn about creating community and overcoming anxiety and depression in this week’s episode of the Kindness Collective Podcast. “IF YOU CAN DO MORE THAN 3 CLASSES A WEEK, THAT’S WHEN
In this episode of the Kindness Collective Podcast, Patrick Harrington speaks with Kindness teacher and friend, King Lexie. King Lexie shares her thoughts on how yoga has evolved over the years and the power of Somatic Self-Realization. Sit down, become present, and open up to the amazing insights King Lexie has to share with you. “STOP, DROP-IN, AND ROLL WITH WHAT’S ARISING” King Lexie is a creative professional, a sensual wizard, and a truth-telling traveler.