Yoga for your low back pain

Slipping into less than desirable habits during quarantine that you’d rather do without? This time at home has given us the opportunity to realize the behavioral patterns that often do more damage for us than good.

If you’re anything like us, your list of quarantine habits might look something like this:

  1.       Wearing bathing suit bottoms as undies because you’ve run out of clean laundry
  2.       Forgetting to wash your hair for days
  3.       The 50 trips a day to the kitchen pantry
  4.       The nonstop binge-watching of Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Cable/etc.
  5.       Falling into a Tik Tok rabbit hole until 2 am

and last but not least (perhaps the worst culprit of all)


Now, we know the binge-watching and kitchen raids might not stop, and we can’t hold you accountable for your hygiene, but if you can’t seem to sit comfortably anymore and want to put your back on the mend, we are here to help!

Lower back pain is becoming more and more common these days as we find ourselves sitting for longer periods of time. The battle against back pain can be day in and day out, and when it starts to prevent us from living fully, it is time to make the effort to show our backs some love.

Kindness teacher Alex Lee Ammons has thoughtfully pieced together this supportive and gentle flow to help ease and alleviate back pain. If you’re thinking to yourself that this pain is all too relatable, then this low back magic sequence might just be exactly what the doctor ordered!

Alex doesn’t limit her focus to strictly backbends and forward folds, but additionally targets the surrounding tight and tense muscles that lead to lower back pain and need to be stretched and strengthened as well.

If you are struggling to find relief as we progress into a “new normal,” we see you, we feel your pain, and we are here to help you create better habits for your body. To all of you chair/sofa dwellers, we’ve got your back.

Check out Alex’s 20-minute flow and see the difference it can make for you!