When you woke up this morning, how many times did you hit the snooze button? Be honest with us. If you're anything like our team it could have been 4, 5, maybe even 10 times. Of course, after hitting the snooze button so many times it meant that you were late to your day and therefore rushing around like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. It's okay, we've all been there.

The secret to escaping the mad rush of your morning and to making more time in your day is with a  morning routine. And that starts with not hitting your snooze button. Before we get to the good stuff of building your morning routine we wanted to start off with talking about the oh so loved snooze button. While a seemingly harmless habit, hitting snooze in the morning causes a lot more harm than you would think. Sleep.org states, "Since the snooze session doesn’t last long enough for you to finish a complete sleep cycle, you could end up feeling super groggy for the first hour and a half of your day."

Now that you're changing the habit of hitting snooze, it's time to plan a morning you're excited to wake up to. This is a list of our favorite morning routines to inspire you to create your own.

Start Your Morning Routine with Coffee or Tea

Let's be real, the morning doesn't start until you have a hot beverage in your hand to wake you up and feel warm and cozy inside. Whether you like a fresh cup of coffee or are more of a tea person, there isn't a better way to start your day than with your favorite drink. If you are hopping off the snooze train and working on getting up earlier, we suggest splurging and getting a gourmet coffee or extra fancy tea that will get you excited to get out of bed and run to the kitchen. At least, until this new routine becomes a habit for you.

Read a Good Book

Making space in the morning to catch up on the books you've always wanted to read or escape to another world written by your favorite author is something to get excited about. Our suggestion is to read something that doesn't have to do with work or parenting. Use this time to completely escape and focus on treating yourself well.

Journal It Out

Set the clock for 20-30 minutes and let everything pour out onto the pages of your notebook. By forcing yourself to write for a specific amount of time you encourage your brain to really get all the nitty-gritty out. We've found that sometimes after 5-minutes you think you're done but all of a sudden at minute 10, all these things you didn't know were going on inside of you are spilling out.

Morning Meditation

One of our favorite activities is to step inside ourselves and let the chaos settle. Taking a few minutes out of your morning (a recommended 20 minutes if you can swing it) to be still and check-in. If you aren't a usual meditator, that's okay, it takes practice. Use this mediation from Kindness Teacher Darcy Miller to help you get settled as you settle your mind.

Practice Yoga

With Kindness Online you can hop into a class anytime anywhere. We love to use yoga as a way to connect with our breath, move our bodies, and relax our mind before heading into our days. If you're pressed for time, check out this short morning flow by Kindness Teacher Nicky Yazbeck.