March 13, 2019 – 9:30 PM

Not sure about you, but it’s been a week.

What we want to share tonight feels heartbreaking yet it is part of our collective mission. Kindness is about something bigger than what we create INSIDE the walls of our studios.

We have been closely following COVID-19, its implications, and how we should responsibly proceed to best serve the Kindness community. When we come together as a collective we produce benefits that are truly greater than the whole of our individual contributions, but we cannot avoid the facts about how the virus spreads and the impact on the infected.

Our overriding goal is your safety, and tonight will be our last in-studio classes for the next two weeks so that we can observe and reassess. We know that closing the studios is a major decision and we have not taken it lightly. It is our desire to be a part of the solution, and in supporting the Flattening of the Curve, it is the most concrete act of Kindness we can offer the community.

We have been working for the last year to better serve our members including a way to build your personal practice anywhere, anytime, online. Starting March 16th you’ll be able to access a variety of classes each week with a wide range of styles, levels, and teachers you know and love online. Look for an email on how to sign up for an online membership. (Current members, you’ll receive this online membership as part of your benefits.)

We ask that if you are a member, that you please, consider keeping your membership in place for the next billing cycle with Kindness Yoga. The Kindness Collective is truly that, a collective, and we want to use this opportunity to bind together more closely and support those that make Kindness possible.

With any adversity, we all have the choice of viewing it as an opportunity or an obstacle. I’m choosing the former, and want to use this as a chance for us to see how we can be more healthy, more centered, and more kind as a whole. Please, reach out to me directly at with any questions or concerns.

We exist to serve and support the transformation of living, through Kindness.

Looking forward,
Patrick Harrington
CEO + Founder of Kindness Yoga

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