How are you feeling today?

So, you’ve got your mat ready and your yoga pants on. You’re eager to jumpstart your practice, but lost in knowing which style to choose - especially when there are countless options out there! So, where do you go from here? 

Yoga is a practice of intention, one that is tightly bound to the energetic levels of its practitioners. The intention that you take into a yoga class is a direct result of the energy you feel in your mind, body, + heart. Choosing a class style with your own personal intention in mind helps to establish the value and support you will get out of your practice.

You might be thinking to yourself, “this all sounds great, but I still don’t know what class to choose!” Well friend, let’s break this down and find your answer. Take a moment to pause, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want to get out of my practice today?- This is where you’ll find your intention (Fitness, Spirituality, Clarity, etc.)
  • What type of movement does my body want? - This is where you’ll find what you are aligned with (Do I want to move in strength, or do I want to deeply stretch and meditate in stillness?)
  • What will be most suitable in supporting my energy right now? - Again, helps clarify alignment (A passive practice or more active?)
  • What parts of my body and mind need the most attention today? - Be true to how you are feeling right now (Do I want to tend to the deepest spaces or do I need to generate fluid movement to detoxify?)

After identifying all of the above, find the class that fits your energy level and your needs:

Vinyasa/Power Vinyasa

A challenging practice based on the fluidity of movement. Moderate to rapid pace. Great to actively burn off pent up energy, as it is rooted in vitality and athleticism. Feel the burn and sweat it out! [Fitness]

Hot Yoga

A practice to build up heat internally and externally. Active work to detoxify body and mind, typically moderate to rapid pace. Embrace all of the sweat, it might not be pretty but it feels great! (Be sure to hydrate for this one.) [Fitness/Spiritual]

Align & Flow

A moderate to rapid-paced practice, active to develop a strong foundation and alignment. This practice is movement-based with an emphasis on achieving strength and balance. [Fitness]

 Foundations Yoga

A balanced practice covering the basics for all levels. This moderately paced class is supportive in building the strength of both the mind and body. A great place to start for beginners! [Fine Tune Your Practice]

Restorative Yoga

If sweat and power are not your forte, don’t fret! There are plenty of practices for you too. Restorative yoga is a gentle and supportive, slower-paced practice that works as a great counter to more active practices. Heavily prop involved, this passive healing class is suitable and comforting to all levels. [Passive/Rest]

Yin Yoga

A deeply intense stretch involving long holds. This slow-paced, meditative practice is focused on releasing profound tension and is suitable for all levels. Yin yoga can often be the medicine we need to destress from our chaotic, demanding lives. [Passive/Rest]

Yoga Nidra

A gentle and relaxing practice often spent in stillness. This deeply meditative class requires little to no movement as you quiet your mind and focus on your intuition. Suitable for all levels. If the words “adult nap time” intrigue you, we highly suggest looking into a Nidra class! [Passive/Rest/Spiritual]

Whether you want to work up a good sweat today, move inward to focus on your heart or you just need some rest and recovery time, yoga has a place for you. Find the style of class you love through our on-demand replay library. This lifelong practice has no right or wrong answer, focus on what is most important to you; your intention!