The Kindness Collective podcast is back with one of our favorite guests. Reggie Hubbard was featured on episode 6 where he spoke about his journey to yoga and how it has supported his activism on Capitol Hill. Today we dive a little deeper in the activism of Black Lives Matte where he shares his perspective on white fragility, leaning into the things that are hard and using our own practice to serve us in using our voice or processing what's happening. All this and more on today's episode of the Kindness Collective Podcast!

“If this moment makes you uncomfortable, don’t look away, look deeper. And in looking deeper ask yourself why we as a society have been silent about this for so long.”

Reggie is a recovering political activist who discovered yoga at the suggestion of a great friend for stress reduction and to try something new. Through his personal practice, he has been able to transform stress, frustration and disappointment to spontaneous joy with peace, compassion, diligence, devotion and humility in service to the greater good.   His teaching and personal practices have given him tremendous equanimity and clarity, an essential ingredient to his success at MoveOn working as head of the DC operation with a focus on Capitol Hill during the height of the resistance to the Trump Administration and as an executive producer of the 2016 Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign.

He views his teaching practice as inseparable from his life style, offering peace, compassion, truth and strength in his activist work and to classes he teaches to activists, operatives and other students.  To date he has taught to activists at Netroots Nation, League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood, NARAL and staff at Congressional offices.



Show Notes:
Intro music: Bee Is a Bee by Science Partner

3:30 Everyone has seen something in the murder of George Floyd which is why this matters
6:00 How to be in community with people of different beliefs
9:00 We were late to show up for our POC community
13:55 It’s our job to shepherd each other through difficult times
20:00 How do you lean in and help make the change
21:30 White Fragility
22:30 Why it’s not the black community’s job to educate you